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Website Maintenance

Keep your website up to date and running smooth

Get professional web experts help you manage and maintain your website

Leave a strong impression on potential buyers

As a website owner, you want to provide an optimal experience for potential buyers.  Just as if you were running a brick and mortar store, you want to keep everything clean and presentable.  

Admittedly, the inner working of a website can be complex.  You may not have the time, know-how or experience to keep your website up to date and free of broken links, obsolete code or deprecated tags.  However, if someone stumbles upon your website, and its full of links that lead nowhere, missing images, and pages that take an eternity to load up, you're not making a good impression.  

This can encourage your visitors to look elsewhere for their needs.

At BBEX, we excel at web design and maintenance.  We can help you keep your website in tip top shape to ensure that it provides the best possible experience for your customers.  

website maintenance

Some of the things that you could have us do for you:

Fix broken links

Update or streamline navigation menus

Maintain news sections with regular updates and press releases

Update existing web content

Create/upload new content

Implement images and videos

Increase page speed

Incorporate special features like blogs, custom web apps, social media links, and more!

Our hourly rate for website work is $85/hour, however for current clients and ongoing work we offer discounted rates

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