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Privacy Policy

Privacy is given great importance at BBEXMARKETING.COM. All services, products and websites which are offered by subsidiaries or affiliates or BBEXMARKETING.COM itself, are incorporated under the Privacy Policy. Also, supplementary privacy notices are posted to explain our privacy practices in case if more detailed information is required about how personal information is processed. The BBEXMARKETING.COM Privacy Center displays these notices.

The US Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of Notice, Onward Transfer, Data Integrity, Choice, Security and Access and Entertainment are complied by BBEXMARKETING.COM. To resolve any queries regarding Privacy Policy, either consult us on our website or write at the following address:

5550 Glades Rd., Suite 500
Boca Raton, FL 33431

How Information is Collected and used by us

BBEXMARKETING.COM does not ask you to provide any personal information or to make an account to make use of the BBEXMARKETING.COM website. Only if you wish to make use of our services you have to provide personal information like:

Information Provided By You: Personal information like your name, phone number and email address is when you wish to sign up to our service and/or communication.

User Communication: Communications and emails sent by you are retained by BBEXMARKETING.COM to help improve the quality of the service provided and also to answer your queries and fulfill your requests.

Other Sites: BBEXMARKETING.COM does not have any control over the sites which are displayed in BBEXMARKETING.COM portfolio or sites which offer BBEXMARKETING.COM services, applications, links or products. The BBEXMARKETING.COM Privacy Policy is not applicable on them. These sites may obtain personal information from you or may set their own cookies on your browser.

The purpose of personal information being processed by BBEXMARKETING.COM is outlined in the above Privacy Policy. Other additional purposes are following:

  • For the purpose of research, analysis and auditing so that services may be improved and protected.
  • For making sure that the network is technically strong.
  • For new services to be developed.
  • For keeping safe, the rights and property of both BBEXMARKETING.COM and its users.

Sharing Information

BBEXMARKETING.COM will keep your information completely safe and confidential. Your information will NOT be sold or shared with any other party.

Accessing and Updating Personal Information

If it is not required by law to give some specific information then you have the right to remove or delete any information you previously gave to use any BBEXMARKETING.COM service. However before being able to access, remove or correct the information you requested, BBEXMARKETING.COM will ask you to identify yourself. It may also not respond to requests if it violates the privacy of others.


This Privacy Policy is regularly checked by BBEXMARKETING.COM to ensure whether it is being followed or not. To resolve any queries you have regarding this Privacy Policy and about your personal information you may contact us at our website or at this address

5550 Glades Rd., Suite 500
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Variations in the Privacy Policy

For answers to your questions contact us at our website or on the following address:

5550 Glades Rd., Suite 500
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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