How to Do a Website Content Audit

6 Responses to How to Do a Website Content Audit

  1. Ritesh Patel says:

    Nowadays website content audit is necessarily for all website owner and also find out the priority parts of website which helps a lot to increase website traffic from all search engines as well as visits. Thanks to share such a valuable information.

  2. Jari Merikanto says:

    Thanks for a nice post about content audits. As I see it the audits are usually done from the perspective of how relevant the link are to the text. Anyway, It was nice to read about content audit with a focus on content.

  3. Arianna Alosi says:

    Great post about content audits. Your presentation last night touched briefly on content marketing. This post helps me better understand what it is.

  4. Hunter Kelch says:

    Thanks for a nice post about content audits.

  5. Riley DeMello says:


  6. Felicia Comerade says:

    I think these sounds like a good idea, but I have some questions about website audits. Can you hire someone else to do this for you? I know you mentioned that Screaming Frog and urlProfiler provided some good tools, but this particular do-it-yourself seems way over my head. I mean, how can you judge your own copy and content if you wrote it in the first place. I would love to learn more about this process. Do you have any suggestions for related links? I had honestly never heard of a web audit before and am glad I read this.

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