Using Neuromarketing and Web Design to Retain Attention

6 Responses to Using Neuromarketing and Web Design to Retain Attention

  1. Nelson Baker says:

    Neuromarketing!! This is a really new concept for me, thnx for sharing your knowledge

  2. Chester Dimaggio says:

    Feeling like a neurologist after reading this lol!! At least now I have a better understanding of how popular websites get more engagement.

  3. Teri Patchett says:

    I wonder, did Mark Zuckerberg have this is mind when he designed Facebook to be blue!!!

  4. Alene Melendez says:

    As a web designer, I really find this helpful. We are always so focused on building the UI that we sometimes forget to simply focus on the basic things.

  5. Urbain says:

    Great read!! Every marketer needs to be aware of this.

  6. Alisia Janik says:

    Designing a website around a user’s subconscious habbits and behaviors is genius. That’s where the money is. 🙂

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