The Role Of Social Media In Boosting Website Traffic

8 Responses to The Role Of Social Media In Boosting Website Traffic

  1. Connie Shannon says:

    Thank you for pointing out that creating good content on social media can also help improve your rankings and visibility in Google! More people need to understand this.

  2. Eugenio Mccain says:

    Website traffic is obviously something we all want, but most people fail to understand the power of social media. I agree with you that social media ultimately does help with one’s Google rankings.

  3. Teodoro Groce says:

    Been trying to increase traffic via social media for some time now. Thank you for sharing some awesome strategies that I think will work.

  4. Freeda Chenail says:

    There are 2 billion people all over the world!!! It seems obvious, but I really did not know that social media had that much reach potentially. Seems it really can be a great source for traffic.

  5. Palmer Elliston says:

    I do agree with you that social media is one of the best sources for getting more web traffic. But it’s really hard to choose the right platforms for your website/business. There are so many social media platforms out there, and I am not totally clear on which ones will best suit my needs.

  6. Merle Edgell says:

    I have a bold prediction, but here it goes: social media is the sole future of online traffic in the NEAR future! Apart from a few websites, people will soon spend 99% of their time on social media. Tradition media is struggling to keep up with social media.

  7. Ciara Fetter says:

    I am a noob here, but after reading this article, I’m truly starting to realize the power of social media. Is there any possibility that you can share some tips to help me become a social media pro. 😉

  8. Collette says:

    I have been trying to utilize the power of social media to gain more traffic for a long time now. But I am not getting any results. Please suggest some ways to make my marketing efforts more effective. TIA.

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