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  1. Lynell says:

    As you said, RankBrain is a part of Google’s overall algorithms. It’s not a replacement for other ranking methods. Because the traditional ranking methods are still very much in play, do you think it’s worth it to try and learn how RankBrain functions or should we continue to focus on the tried and true methods?

  2. Romeo Yoho says:

    Great read!!! I had been very curious about Google’s new A.I. (having something of a fascination for artifical intelligence myself), and you covered it nicely.

  3. Naida says:

    Lynell, you should read the article more carefully, which states that this is the third most important tool Google uses to rank websites, so we should obviously learn it to use it to our advantage.

  4. Ellis Garnett says:

    RankBrain is the first AI to rank search results, which sounds like some crazy concept from an episode of Star Trek, but you explained it to us so simply. Thank you.

  5. Reggie Giard says:

    Although this is very informative, Rankbrain is old news now. Pages are not ranked by content anymore. Websites are now ranked based on how people interact with the site. Write an article on that if possible.

  6. Lizaola says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Although I have no idea about most of the stuff you said, but I would like to know more about, ‘Making your content relevant to local searchers’ — care to elaborate?

  7. Shaunte Mcglown says:

    I find the ‘Also consider’ section of this article more useful than the main body of the article tbh. 😀

  8. Charlena Girard says:

    Hello Shaunte, I do agree with you. Maybe you or BBEX should write some detailed article on those topics. 🙂

  9. Castellanos says:

    I have one simple question ‘is there REALLY anything called white hat SEO’. Hope someone is able to answer, because I’m honestly skeptical. I think it’s BS.

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