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RankBrain SEO

Rank Brain SEO
In 2015, Google confirmed they were using an artificial intelligence system called RankBrain to assist with the gathering of information to determine how websites rank on search engine results pages. At the time, it was only used for about 15 percent of all queries. Today, it’s a more significant factor. So, about now you may be wondering how to make “RankBrain SEO” work for you — or if you should be changing your approach to SEO altogether now that AI has taken over. Read Full Post

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Geo Targeting in Marketing

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New Trends Affecting Marketing Communications

business-1012761__340Business needs to focus and make clear the consumer expectations, imagine how wide the consumer choice of platforms in now a high-speed technology developing the world. Social media, marketing technologist, product globalization or internal communications, etc. therefore, picking a right side and focus on and get ahead of the new trends is significant to running the business, this article will give you some ideas about new trends affecting marketing communication. Read Full Post

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Apps overcoming Websites

We all use Apps and Websites in our daily life but what is exactly the difference, what should we use – are Apps overcoming Websites or reverse? Read Full Post

Fake Reviews Hurt Your Business

Fake Reviews Hurt Your Business
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