Keyword Research: Basic and Advanced Tips for SEO Success

4 Responses to Keyword Research: Basic and Advanced Tips for SEO Success

  1. Felicia J. says:

    These are really great tips… like I’d be completely lost right now without these easy and basic steps to follow. I actually printed this list and have it taped above my desk now so when i do my own SEO work I have kind of a check-list :).

  2. Roos says:

    Getting related terms through Google search bar is a great way to know what people are looking for. You can coin similar keywords and have a good start. I have used and got good innovative ideas.

  3. Robbins says:

    Very good suggestions! Most of them are new to me and hence have proved helpful for my business. I have implemented them to reach my target audience and have got good results. Please publish more articles on how to rank higher in search engines.

  4. Joseph says:

    Getting audience or visitors should not be the objective. Whats the point in having people visit your pages who are not interested in your services or products? The idea is to reach target audience so that you get maximum conversion.

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