Internet Marketing for Realtors: Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

3 Responses to Internet Marketing for Realtors: Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

  1. Charly Green says:

    This is so true. I worked with a realtor who decided she needed to step up her marketing and start advertising on line. First she created a Facebook page and hired someone to write a lot of great posts about different aspects of selling and buying homes, along with a question and answer section. She also started a website and really invested in some good marketing tools. Her business boomed, plus, just like you mentioned, she saved a lot of money on gas, and wasted time for nowhere appointments. This article is right on.

  2. Kate says:

    My husband recently launched his website for his Realtor company. I am going to share this with him. And yes, the SEO has changed a lot. I have noticed that you want the information to be in black and white but you don’t want to go overboard with informational links right on the front face. It confuses users and possible new clients.

  3. Jillian Wyatt says:

    Great post. I am in the real state industry myself & your tips are proving to be highly beneficial for me. I’m seeing real results!

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