Google’s New Search Innovations: Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph

2 Responses to Google’s New Search Innovations: Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph

  1. MAX DAVIES says:

    Semantic technology allows enterprises to monitor and assess information contained in Web-based conversations and unstructured information so that companies can get the lay of the land when it comes to overall sentiment. And while the enterprise is gradually adopting semantic technologies, the consumer realm has a mind of its own. It helps companies take listening abilities one step further by capturing and analyzing the online opinions of users, understanding not only what is being discussed, but how it is being discussed.

  2. Charlie Gibson says:

    There is a substantial trend in the evolution of online search as people become more sophisticated in their knowledge of search engines. Proper optimization of page content for semantic relevance helps a website to rank for multiple search words rather than relying on a single word or search phrase. For example, a site focused on the keyword “motorcycle” can optimize its landing page for additional semantically-relevant words like motorcycling, bikes and biker etc.., industry brand names that Google recognizes as semantically relevant including Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Honda etc..

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