First Position on First Page of Google

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  1. Rosalind White says:

    Even someone can improve click through rates using click-bait titles. Also, it depends on your keyword – some keywords the searcher only wants #1 (brand keywords). Others, they’re shopping for an exact product, and they will check out 1, 2 or 3 and then buy. And then others, they don’t know what they want so they will check out all the top 10 and perhaps top 20. But, this would be for a general category type search and not an exact search.

  2. Matthew says:

    CTR is basically a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website. But, that’s not as simple as it seems. It may have fallen over time. In most cases, a 2% click-through rate would be considered very successful, though the exact number is hotly debated.

  3. Cook says:

    In internet it is either no. 1 or nothing. The second and the third are simply non-existent. It is a tough war out there but not impossible if you have the right strategy in place. All you require is to tighten your belt and give your best shot.

  4. JOHN RICHARDS says:

    There is a huge difference in traffic between #1 and #2. The fastest way to reach the top position on Google is the blackhat way. But this is also the riskiest approach, because you may get your site banned fast. Also you need to have the necessary tools and know-how to do it. Most blackhatters use trusted domains to get on top of the search engine: free hosting sub domains or aged domains. Only you can decide which way you choose, but remember that Google will penalize your website as soon as it sees that something’s not right.

  5. Sandra says:

    I use Copyscape regularly. Once I had found someone using my articles and after that I have subscribed to Copyscape and check my contents on a regular basis. It is a good way to be aware of content thieves.

  6. KATTY says:

    One thing that should motivate you to get to number 1 is that both bounce rate and advertisement CTR% improve when you get to #1 (Bounce rate will generally decrease and your rate of earnings will increase). The increase can be substantial enough to multiply your earnings.This happens because people have a tendency to click on an ad when they first see it. If you are down the list in the results, they would have become sort of ad blind as they might have already checked out the advertiser in the number 1 result.

  7. pax says:

    I use google to check whether anyone has stolen my contents. It is fast, easy and quite convenient. It is free and hence I prefer it over paid services. Thankfully till now I have not caught anyone stealing my content.

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