Fake Reviews Hurt Your Business

9 Responses to Fake Reviews Hurt Your Business

  1. Rebecka Berke says:

    Not proud to admit it, but I have bought fake reviews in the past. This article has helped me realize how buying fake reviews is harmful for my business.

  2. Liu says:

    One can easily tell if a review is fake. I mean come on, your product just came out yesterday and you already have a ton of positive reviews? Focus on quality and customer service, people. EARN the positive review!

  3. Polly says:

    I buy a lot of things online, but now you’ve opened my eyes to the practice of fake reviews. How can I really trust that what I’m buying is legit when the user reviews are not? I have to be more careful.

  4. Sueann Clem says:

    When reading reviews online, it never occured to me that what I’m reading could be fake. How naive I was. People go to such lengths to cheat others. It’s a shame….

  5. Lissette says:

    I do not completely agree with the conclusion of your article. It’s harmless! Small businesss owners have to do whatever they can to compete, and adding a few fake reviews to help them get some traction doesn’t hurt anyone.. I think 90% of business owners out there do it.

  6. Zoila says:

    Lissette, that is unethical. I do get your point, but this kind of thing should not be encouraged. One person doing it leads to another person doing it and so on. Why not focus on quality content and strong marketing to get peoples’ attention?

  7. Muoi Ragsdale says:

    Sometimes customers are ungrateful, no matter how happy they are, and they refuse to write a review. What am I supposed to do when most of my customers can’t be bothered to leave something nice on Google no matter how hard I work for them? Nothing except fake reviews. #truefact

  8. Kiley says:

    I don’t believe it!! Fake reviews have boosted my sales by 200%

  9. Kayleigh Stoke says:

    Hello Kiley, You are doing something that will ultimately harm you. If your product/service isn’t truly valuable, fake reviews will get you nowhere.

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