Email Marketing: Viable, Dying, or Dead?

5 Responses to Email Marketing: Viable, Dying, or Dead?

  1. Chance Uhl says:

    I initially wanted to try email marketing, but after reading some articles, I started to wonder if it would be effective. Thanks to you I know that it still works, and I’ll also know what common mistakes to avoid.

  2. Robbyn Speicher says:

    Many people may think email marketing does not work anymore, but I am still doing it successfully. Your article just proves my point.

  3. Wenona Dutta says:

    People do not use responsive email templates; thus, their email marketing efforts fail. Thank you for pointing out the common mistakes in email marketing.

  4. Almeta Sweeny says:

    The main reason email marketing fails is that people forget to buy the right email IDs. My personal piece of advice is to hire a good lead generator who can find the right targeted email IDs.

  5. Danille Stansell says:

    I wonder… In the world of social media, does email marketing really work? I mean, it’s easier to reach targeted customers through social media than emails. You saying people prefer to use social media for personal use and emails for business use proves that social media is the better option.

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