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RankBrain SEO

In 2015, Google confirmed they were using an artificial intelligence system called RankBrain to assist with the gathering of information to determine how websites rank on search engine results pages. At the time, it was only used for about 15 … Read More…

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Geo Targeting in Marketing

Geo Targeting in Marketing Geo targeting is designed for customers according to where in the world they live. When targeting to customers and consumers in the world it is important to understand their needs and wants. One example of a … Read More…

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New Trends Affecting Marketing Communications

Business needs to focus and make clear the consumer expectations, imagine how wide the consumer choice of platforms in now a high-speed technology developing the world. Social media, marketing technologist, product globalization or internal communications, etc. therefore, picking a right … Read More…

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Lynn University Extends Thanks to BBEX Marketing

Lynn University recently reached out to BBEX Marketing to express their appreciation. They thanked the company for their willingness to collaborate with assistant marketing professor Dr. Henry Schrader to give Lynn University marketing students the opportunity to witness (and participate … Read More…

Lead Generation: 5 Ways to Make Common Strategies More Effective

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