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Kim has a diverse background in content development, internet marketing and public relations. A frequent guest writer for BBEX Marketing, Kim also enjoys playing the violin and training in kickboxing in her off time.

Keyword Research: Basic and Advanced Tips for SEO Success

Today we’d like to talk to you about keyword research. It’s an essential ingredient in the SEO stew. However, optimizing your website for the right keywords is a sensitive process. Choose the wrong terms, and you’ll waste your opportunity for … Read More…

The War Between Language Translators

Can you really trust an automatic website language translator?

Search Engine Poisoning – What It Is and Protecting Yourself

What exactly is search engine poisoning?  In a nutshell, search engine poisoning is inflicting search engine results, websites, pages or sponsored links with malwares and malicious content.  Typical search engine poisoning attacks involve hackers uploading malicious content on various websites … Read More…

Ranking Fluctuations in Search Engines: Is it Normal?

To ease your worries right away the answer to the question “is it normal for search engine rankings to fluctuate?” is Yes! When using SEO to obtain a higher ranking in the search engines, there are far too many variables … Read More…

First Position on First Page of Google

Showing up in search engines for relevant queries is crucial for online business. If you’re not visible, you’re not selling. It’s just that simple. There are many avenues to advertise your business on the internet: social media, video sharing (YouTube), … Read More…