Apps overcoming Websites

11 Responses to Apps overcoming Websites

  1. Ardell says:

    Thank you for posting this informative article. I am in the process of developing a website, and I was wondering whether I should also invest in an app or not for my business. But thanks to you, now I know how important it really is to have one.

  2. Maffucci says:

    It’s no wonder apps are taking over. Everyone’s glued to their phones these days, and PCs are seemingly becoming obsolete day by day.

  3. Luigi says:

    Thanks for posting!! Though, I am honestly not convinced that apps can fully overcome websites… There are just some features that users can only experience through a website. I doubt that apps can really replace websites altogether. Business should stick to using both.

  4. Gisele says:

    Great info! I would love to develop an app for my business. Can you kindly point me in the direction of a great developer I could hire, or perhaps where I can find someone who can create an app for me?

  5. Liz Fischetti says:

    I am really struggling to market my app. I mean, how can I get people to actually USE my app? Can you explain how I might go about marketing my app successfully?

  6. Jesse Difranco says:

    Hello Liz, You can place an ad on the app/play store, OR you can use Facebook ads. I find Facebook ads to be effective for promoting apps, personally.

  7. Liz Fischetti says:

    Hello Difranco, Thank you for your answers! Would you be able to help me with a marketing strategy? I am looking for marketing partners/assistants.

  8. Adelaida Suttles says:

    Not everyone uses a smart phone (believe it or not), and I doubt there will be a day in the near future where everyone does. So, I am not completely sold on the idea that apps are the future. I believe apps will never overcome websites. Although I do agree they more convenient in some ways or sometimes.

  9. Elma says:

    Apps are the future. Complain all you want but apps will soon overcome websites. You can quote me on that.

  10. Denese Bodkin says:

    I never thought about this. Now, come to think of it, I am using my facebook app more than!!!

  11. Woodruff says:

    Apps are powerful, no doubt. But do mobile apps offer more features than desktop? No! It’s limited, so at the end of the day, one cannot deny the need for having a website.

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