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Catelog RADIO In News
  Enabled canonical URLs for product and category pages.
  Removed /index.php/ from appearing in all URLs.
  Removed /nav/ in URLs linked from top nav that were causing duplicate pages.
  Removed link to duplicate Moldings page.
  Added human sitemap (+ added link to page from footer)
  Removed broken "Gifts" link in footer.
  Broken links check: No further broken links found on website.
  XML Sitemap generated.
  Enabled weekly XML Sitemap generation to keep sitemap fresh and current.
  Robots.txt created and implemented.
  XML sitemap link addded to Robots.txt.
  Google Search Console profiles created and verified.
  XML Sitemaps submitted to Search Console via both profiles.
  Page Speed Scores: 41/100 Mobile & 50/100 Desktop.
  Keyword Research.
  Final list of keywords approved.
  Content creation for category pages with keywords that have searches.
  Content implementation: complete.
  Website meta optimization: complete.
  Image optimization for product images: complete.
  Added links to 404 page.
  Mobile-Friendly Test Results: Website is mobile friendly.