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Catelog RADIO In News
  Completed   Task
  De-linked logos in left sidebar
  Removed "video" from testimonials link in Photo Gallery (as there are no video testimonials).
  Removed "back to photo gallery" link from bottom of testimonials page (as there are other ways to enter this page).
  Removed non-functional RSS link in sidebar.
  Removed 2nd redundant link to carports page from top nav.
  Fixed blue finance banners that appear on every page -- no longer showing as broken images and link properly to Finance page.
  Modified website footer so that text only appears on home page and can be utilized for SEO without being spammy.
  Fixed Map links -- Alaska and Hawaii no longer lead to 404 errors, but instead redirect to home page (as with
      no longer shows as an indexable page.
  URLs for all state pages no longer contain /building-prices/ -- better for SEO.
  Bulleted text has been resized / reduced for consistency.
  Issue with site appearing blank at the top with iPads fixed.
  All state-based building pages now redirect to 10 main pages, elminating 100s of duplicate pages.
  Reduced the amount of fields in the finance form.
  Added contact form to sidebar.
  On /barns page, links to products are now clickable via the images and text.
  Main contact form tweak: Form moved above map.
  PageSpeed improvements: 92/100 Mobile (previously 57) and 96/100 Desktop (previously 65).
  DIY Carports content is being created and will be delivered today.
  Add SSL to site.