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7 Tips On How to Use Google Analytics (Advanced Users)

google analytics So you’ve got your Google Analytics account set up and you know a lot of the basics – but are you making the most of this feature-rich tool? Here are 10 quick tips that will help you get even more out of your traffic tracking. Read Full Post

Google Analytics for Beginners

google analytics for beginnersGoogle Analytics is by far one of the most useful tools Google has to offer.  With just a few minutes of easy setup, even beginners can get a ton of insightful and helpful information about their site traffic.  You can not only find out just how many people are visiting your site, but what they’re looking for, how they got there and more. Read Full Post

How to Optimize your Blog

your blogIf you want people to find your blog, you have to make sure the search engines find it.  And they not only have to find it, you have to make sure they think it’s important enough to rank in the first couple pages of search results. Read Full Post

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How to Optimize for Google Image Search

google image searchLooking for a simple but smart way to grab some extra search traffic?  Most people probably don’t think of it when it comes to optimizing their site, but Google Image Search is a great way to promote and drive traffic to your page. Read Full Post

How To Optimize Your Google Places Listing

google places listingHaving your business rank highly in Google Places is just as important (if not more!) as ranking in organic search.  Google now automatically incorporates the 7-pack (7 top local listings) along with the organic search results for businesses.  66% of Americans use local search to find local businesses (comscore). Read Full Post

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