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Conversion Rate Optimization

conversion rate optimizationBefore we delve into conversion rate optimization, we’ll quickly recap our last post on Google conversion tracking, wherein we discussed the basics of defining valuable visitor actions, mapping out a “funnel” for users to follow as they navigate their way toward completing a conversion, and how to implement this information into Google Analytics for tracking purposes. Read Full Post

Conversion Tracking

Google Conversion TrackingWhen setting up a website for your business, it’s important to be informed about your users, what sources are driving them to you, and which of these sources are most effective in leading to conversions. Read Full Post

SEO and Usability: Building a Site for Visitors and Bots

seo usabilityWhen it comes to SEO and usability, you have to realize that the main goal of every search engine is to provide the best possible user experience. It’s in Google and Bing’s best interest to follow up search queries with results comprised of clean, easy-to-navigate websites that offer genuinely useful content. Read Full Post

5 SEO Bad Practices

SEO bad practiceYou can have the best website in your industry, but what good is it if people don’t know about it? When it comes to driving traffic to your site, SEO is crucial. Whether you’re starting a site from the ground up or want to improve your existing site, make sure it’s optimized for search engines and not breaking any rules. Here’s a list of SEO bad practices that could be holding your site back: Read Full Post

How to Generate More High-Quality Leads

high-quality leads

website visitors go in funnel, leads are in middle, customers come out Read Full Post

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