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Mobile SEO Strategies

Mobile SEO It’s time to integrate mobile marketing into with your SEO strategy. By the end of the year, more than 91 million Americans will be browsing the web on their cell phones, according to eMarketer. Sure, perhaps you’re ranked number one for all the keywords your website is targeting, but can the same be said for your status among mobile SERPs? If you’re not keeping tabs, how can you expect to reach this fast-growing demographic? Read Full Post

Google: King of the Click Through Rate (CTR)

click through rateWhy are SEO services in such high demand these days? What’s the big deal if a website happens to appear within the first few positions in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages)? The short answer to these questions is Click Through Rate (CTR). Today, we’re going to present you some facts that illustrate just how powerful organic results are when it comes to generating clicks (i.e. when a web user clicks on an ad or search result and transfers to a website). Read Full Post

The Significance of Facebook Ads

facebook adsIn a recent series of posts, we’ve helped our readers through the process of creating Facebook ads, setting them up to be lean, mean niche audience-targeting machines. So while you may now understand the process behind this form of social media ad creation, we also think it’s important to further delve into the exact reasons why you should consider Facebook as a major component in your advertising campaign. Read Full Post

3 Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Techniques

ad targetingBelow, we’ve listed several Facebook ad targeting techniques that will help you reach out to your business’ most receptive audience. Last week, we discussed the process of creating an ad on Facebook, providing an easy to follow guide that covered the fundamentals of placing an ad on the world’s most popular website. Of course, there’s more to Facebook advertising than ad creation alone, so today, we’d like to dig a little deeper on the subject by focusing on the science of targeting your Facebook ads to reach your ideal audience. Read Full Post

Facebook Advertising 101

facebook advertisingIs Facebook advertising even effective? Why go through the effort of creating an advertisement on Facebook? Read Full Post

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