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The Bookmarklet: Your Favorite New Internet Function

bookmarkletWhat is a bookmarklet? It’s a small scrap of javascript code that can make you look like an SEO stud in front of your colleagues by providing¬†very handy shortcuts that can help you accomplish everyday SEO tasks in a flash. Read Full Post

Creating a Robots.txt File: Everything You Need to Know

robots.txt fileDoes your website need a robots.txt file? Do you already have one in place with exclusions? For the uninitiated, robots.txt is a handy little file that allows you to communicate with your friendly search engine visitors (sometimes called “spiders” or “crawlers”) and guide them through your website. After all, you want to be a good host, so it’s important to direct crawlers to the pages of your site that you specifically intend for them to see, rather than leave them wandering around, wondering where they’re intended to go. Read Full Post

Google Plus Business Pages: Worth Your Time?

google plus businessShould you bother to create a Google Plus Business page for your brand? Google may rule the roost when it comes to search engines, but the company has struggled when it comes to building a social media platform that can hang with the big birds. Read Full Post

What Is PPC? Essential Ingredients for Ads by Google

ads by googleWhat is PPC? Why are these strange ads by Google appearing above your search results, and how can you leverage these to grow your business? Read Full Post

Mobile SEO Strategies

Mobile SEO It’s time to integrate mobile marketing into with your SEO strategy. By the end of the year, more than 91 million Americans will be browsing the web on their cell phones, according to eMarketer. Sure, perhaps you’re ranked number one for all the keywords your website is targeting, but can the same be said for your status among mobile SERPs? If you’re not keeping tabs, how can you expect to reach this fast-growing demographic? Read Full Post

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