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Succeeding with SEO Press Releases

seo press releasesToday we’re going to give you some tips on executing the ultimate SEO press release. In our last post, we discussed what NOT to do when writing and distributing a press release. In summary, when setting out to create an SEO press release, you don’t want to write dry, boring articles with little news to speak of — save that sort of thing for an article directory. Read Full Post

The Press Release: Search Engine Spam or SEO Special Sauce?

press releaseHow often should your business submit a press release? Are press releases worth the effort it takes to write, optimize, and distribute across the web in the first place? Read Full Post

Canonical Link Introduction: Adding a Canonical Tag to Your Website

canonical linkA canonical link is a nifty, fairly new way to communicate with search engine crawlers and direct them to the preferred pages of your website. In the past, if you happened to have dynamically-generated directories or pages that would cause duplicate content issues, you’d probably be advised to exclude it via robots.txt. Read Full Post

The Big List of Bookmarklets

bookmarkletsYou may remember our previous post on bookmarklets. In that article, we discussed the basics of how a bookmarklet works and gave our readers a few samples to try out. If the word, “bookmarklet” doesn’t ring a bell, then we’ll quickly recap for you. Read Full Post

Data Service Providers for Google Scam

Data Service Providers for Google ScamHave you heard about the “data service providers for Google scam“? Recently, some marketing companies have been reaching out to what they hope will be unsuspecting businesses, claiming to be a data service provider for Google. If you’re “lucky” enough to receive such a call, they will inform you that they have newly-opened positions in the major search engines to offer that they’re kindly saving just for your business. Do yourselves a favor and don’t believe a word of it, folks. This is nothing more than a scam, and it likely won’t be long before the perpetrators have the screws put to them by the real representatives of Google. Read Full Post

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