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Ranking Fluctuations in Search Engines: Is it Normal?

search engine rankingsTo ease your worries right away the answer to the question “is it normal for search engine rankings to fluctuate?” is Yes! When using SEO to obtain a higher ranking in the search engines, there are far too many variables to ensure that you will always get the same ranking results. Because there are so many variables, you should not stress if there is fluctuation in the rankings. Read Full Post

Creating a Powerful Landing Page

landing page How do you build a landing page that will boost your sales?  How do you resuscitate a dying landing page that just can’t convert?  Read these 5 tips to find out! Read Full Post

First Position on First Page of Google

first page of googleShowing up in search engines for relevant queries is crucial for online business. If you’re not visible, you’re not selling. It’s just that simple. There are many avenues to advertise your business on the internet: social media, video sharing (YouTube), guest blogging, self-promotion on forums and blogs, etc. However, unless you are convinced that you’re the next overnight internet celebrity success stories, you’re going to have to compete with everyone else in the boxing ring of search, Google search that is. Read Full Post

The Essential Website Protection Checklist

website protectionWhen running a business online, in addition to providing your customers with the best possible products or services in your field, website protection should be at the forefront of your priorities. Protecting your website against malicious programs and attacks by hackers not only benefits your business in the short-term, you’ll also flourish in the long-term by looking out for your customers and ensuring their private information will never fall into the wrong hands. Continue reading

Google’s New Search Innovations: Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph

semantic searchGoogle is set to release a major change to the way their search engine yields results in the form of semantic search and Google Knowledge Graph. How will it affect you? Continue reading

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