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10 Ideas for Social Media Promotion

Social MediaA comprehensive marketing strategy is crucial to the survival of any business and to stay relevant in the tech savvy market, social media promotion is critical. Businesses that neglect to include this vital component are losing countless potential customers. Many larger companies know how to promote social media without a lot of work or expense, but these techniques are not limited to larger companies. You simply need to know how to promote social media in similar ways. Read Full Post

The War Between Language Translators

website language translatorCan you really trust an automatic website language translator? Continue reading

Keyword Variations and Keyword Order – Does It Make A Difference?

keyword orderYou better believe it does! Read Full Post

Search Engine Poisoning – What It Is and Protecting Yourself

seo attacksWhat exactly is search engine poisoning?  In a nutshell, search engine poisoning is inflicting search engine results, websites, pages or sponsored links with malwares and malicious content.  Typical search engine poisoning attacks involve hackers uploading malicious content on various websites which pop up on search engine results and redirect unsuspecting visitors to the affected sites.  The result of search engine poisoning attacks could be diverse.  It can completely hijack one’s computer, lead to a hardware crash, steal information saved on hard drives, etc.  A simplified version of search engine poisoning, and its malicious result, would be to visit a website or web page and get infected with a virus that could possibly do all kinds of damage to your system. Read Full Post

Content Theft: How to Check and Fix Duplicate Content

content theftIt happens all the time: An ambitious entrepreneur wants to setup a website in a hurry, and there just isn’t enough time to properly fill it up with unique, well-written content.  Quick!  What’s the fastest way to add content to a website?  Do a Google search for similar websites, copy and paste text from your findings, make a few edits, and you’re ready to go in minutes. Read Full Post

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"I must say that I was extremely impressed with Nate's level of knowledge regarding online marketing. I had no idea the extensiveness of what BBEX could do to optimize our online searches and maximize our online marketing. Nate provided creative and thoughtful ideas for increasing traffic - ideas that I didn't know existed. He was professional, comprehensive and really took the time to explain everything in plain English."
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