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Craigslist SEO: Using Classified Ads for SEO Benefits

craigslist seoAs SEO continues to develop and become more popular around the Internet, SEO professionals have to become more creative than ever in order to attain top 10 rankings and drive traffic to clients’ websites. How can you get creative with SEO? Well, have you ever considered Craigslist SEO? After all, Craigslist is full of individuals who need all kinds of products and services, so why not? There are, in fact, certain tactics you can take in order to use Craigslist for ranking                                                                                                                      purposes. Continue reading

Small Business SEO

small business seoSmall business owners must put themselves on the map in a big way if they intend to draw in consumers. In the cyber age, customers are doing more internet searching when looking for a business that fits their needs. No matter the service or product, having a presence online is the best way to increase revenue and to find new consumers who may be interested in the products and services that your business offers. Search engine optimization is the systematic placement of including your business in search engine results from a few keywords that pertain to your business. Here are a few tips to up your search engine optimization results as a small business owner. Read Full Post

Rich Snippets 101

google search snippetPop quiz!  What’s the best way to garner more visits to your site from search engines? Answer: Get ranked on the first page of Google.  This is common knowledge, however, so you haven’t quite earned your gold star for the day if you answered correctly.  The question  to really be asking right now is:  What else can be done to improve click through rate once we’re already in Google’s top 10?  That’s why we will be discussing “rich snippets,” and its impact on SERPS CTR. Continue reading

Keyword Research: Basic and Advanced Tips for SEO Success

seo keyword researchToday we’d like to talk to you about keyword research. It’s an essential ingredient in the SEO stew. However, optimizing your website for the right keywords is a sensitive process. Choose the wrong terms, and you’ll waste your opportunity for more traffic and sales. We don’t want this to happen to our readers, so we thought we’d share some advice.  Continue reading

Google Presents Its Link Disavow Tool. Do You Need It?

Google link disavow toolIn an effort to give homegrown websites a chance Google rolled out the search engine algorithm known as Penguin in April of this year. The update resulted in a serious backlash for websites that were in a state of over-optimization. You probably know all about it, and even if your website wasn’t penalized, your SEO practices have had to change because of it. However, Google has recognized that Penguin has done more harm than good to some quality websites, so it’s recently introduced the Google link disavow tool to help you out. Simply put, you can instruct Google to ignore certain backlinks to your website. Read Full Post

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