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Tips for Maintaining First Page Keyword Rankings

maintain google rankingsAt this point, the process behind reaching the first page in Google for a particular keyword is well documented and also fairly well understood. You choose a field-related search term, and utilizing a combination of onsite and offsite optimization techniques, you should see your website rise in Google’s rankings until the first page is eventually reached. Read Full Post

Bing It On! The Search Engine Comparison

bing vs googleBack in ye olden days of the internet, search engines were a dime a dozen. Before there was a dominant name in web search, the likes of AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, Yahoo, etc. were all used to find content on the web. Users didn’t have a clear cut choice for finding GeoCities .gif-filled eyeball-injuring atrocities back then. Times have changed. These days, most websites no longer look like this, and when you think of online search, you think of Google. Unless you’re different. Read Full Post

Does Your Website Need Google Authorship? Benefits of Google Authorship

google plus authorshipEvery website needs to become more visible in order to increase traffic and sales. No matter the type of website that is run, this is a necessity. With higher visibility, more people can find you and the people you target will be able to see you. With higher traffic, there is more success. It’s really that simple. Fortunately, Google continuously brings us more ways to boost traffic. The latest craze in online search, one that website owners should be strongly considering, is to join up with Google Authorship. Not only does this make it possible for more people to find you and what you write, but it also adds some extra benefits along with that. You can use this to add so much to your site and what you write, increase traffic and even security. Read Full Post

Google Plus Local Listings and Organic Results: Is One Replacing the Other?

google plus local listingsThere’s a new buzz that Google organic results for businesses are being completely replaced by Google+ Local listings. Previously, both local and organic results for the same company could show up on the first page of SERPS when entering in keywords that were relevant to their field (provided their website and Google+ Local/Places profile was properly optimized for these terms). Naturally, this would double the company’s exposure, but it seems the big G is placing more emphasis on its own local listings, and traditional organic results are disappearing overnight. Read Full Post

HTML Title Tags: The Most Important Onsite SEO Element

seo title tagMultiple choice pop quiz! What’s the most important element of onsite SEO? Choose wrong, and you’ll be stuck on the fifth page of Google for all eternity. Continue reading

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