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Long Tail Keywords in Local Internet Marketing

Long-tail keywords are the secret to local internet marketing.Any brick and mortar business that considers their neighborhood as their market should strongly consider local internet marketing and SEO. If you own a restaurant, repair shop, hardware store or beauty salon, and your customers don’t travel far to get to your establishment, this applies to you. A lot of things have changed, however, when it comes to ranking websites locally.
With all of the recent updates to their algorithms, it is becoming clearer that Google wants to be the ultimate answer to all of man’s questions. They want to be there for you in any situation — like some “know-it-all” friend who can answer questions like, “Where is the best place to eat in Indiana” or something like, “What’s two kilometers expressed in miles?” Read Full Post

DIY SEO Audit Series Pt 3: SEO Mechanics (Image and Meta Optimization)

Image and meta optimization.Welcome back, dear readers, to the third part in our DIY SEO Audit Series. In part 1, we covered the formulation of content and keyword strategies, part 2 was all about sitemaps, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. For part 3, we’ll be going over the process of website meta and image optimization. Read Full Post

DIY SEO Audit Series Part 2: Reaching Out to Google

seo audit pt2: reaching out to google Read Full Post

DIY SEO Audit Series: Unleash Your Site’s SEO potential

seo auditSo you want to do your own SEO audit and optimize your website for search engines. You want to tell your friends and colleagues that you’re an SEO pro; a bona fide Search Engine Optimizer. Most importantly, you want to rank on the first page of Google for all kinds of keywords that are relevant to your field and tap into that sweet organic search engine traffic that’s always on the lookout for a website/service/product like yours. This comprehensive series of posts is here to help you get started. Read Full Post

Online Reputation Management

internet reputation managementWhat’s the point of online reputation management? If you’ve been following the news lately, you may have picked up on the fact that employers are getting nosier. When you apply for a position, there is a good chance that your potential boss may snoop around your Facebook, LinkedIn or elsewhere looking to find some dirt on you. They’ll even Google your name, perhaps to see if they can find a mugshot. Either that, or as a business owner, you may find content on the internet that portrays your product or service in a less than flattering light. This content may have been written by an unsatisfied customer, but what if it was actually written by a disgruntled former employee? Now your business may suffer, because they’re unscrupulously trying to defame your brand. Read Full Post

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