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Disavowing Links — Everything You Need to Know

A sign indicating the act of disavowing links

In a post Google Penguin and Panda internet, poor quality SEO companies now seek to clean up their spammy ways. Unnatural link profiles and low quality, keyword-stuffed text gets you in trouble around these parts. Solving the onsite over-optimization issue isn’t so bad, but what do you do about all those bad links? Learn the dos and don’ts of disavowing links. Continue reading

2013 & 2014 SEO Survival

Penguins swimming in an aquarium.Specialists in the search industry have a love/hate relationship with Google. Web search has changed a lot in the past year or two, especially since the infamous Penguin and Panda algorithm updates of 2012. The Google Venice update, which rolled out in February 2012, brought a dramatic change to how search results are presented to users, emphasizing localized results that either helped or hurt businesses across the world. More recently, in May 2013, Penguin 2.0 waddled out of Google HQ and had a massive impact on web traffic. We now also have to deal with continuous Panda updates, now quietly released without a peep from Google, and there are even rumored stealth updates that strike silently and shake up the internet with each iteration. We’re always on edge when the latest signs emerge that Google’s up to something again. Continue reading

Checking Google Rankings in a Post Venice World

Matt Cutts in Venice, Italy.Most who use Google on a regular basis, and especially those in the SEO industry, have probably come to realize that the search results they receive today are being localized by default. Even if you’re signed out of your account, Google is still going to serve you results that are relevant to your location based on your IP address. You can thank the February 27, 2012 Venice Update for that. Read Full Post

A Guide to Penguin Safe Anchor Text

Anchor texts for Penguin 2.0 link building.Hello, everybody. Let’s play a game. I bet you I can spot SEO links from a mile away. How do you tell who’s been deliberately building links to achieve higher search engine rankings and who hasn’t? It’s all in the anchor text, and if I can spot the obvious signs of manipulation so easily, don’t doubt for a minute that Google can’t do the same. With their polarizing Penguin updates, Google has been cracking down on the techniques that have effectively positioned websites at the top of search engine results. Fortunately, even if you were impacted by Penguin, there’s no time like the present to revamp your link profile and get in good standing with Google again. This handy guide will break down the Dos and Don’ts of post Penguin 2.0 link building anchor text. Continue reading

Keep Calm and Carry On: Penguin 2.0 Link Building

Techniques for link building post Penguin 2.0.If you’ve spent time trying to gain exposure on the internet, you probably know how important link building is. Links are how we share great content with others. We all love to share the things we love, and search engines, being the creation of humans, strongly utilize these signals. In order to provide relevant and authoritative content to their users, search engines measure the quantity and quality of inbound links pointing to a piece of content. This has made the simple gesture of sharing content into a powerful tool in online   marketing. Read Full Post

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