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Matthew is a freelance writer with a keen interest in internet marketing, website design and SEO. A regular BBEX Marketing blog contributor, when Matthew isn't researching or writing about SEO, he's probably playing Rock Band with his son or surfing at the beach.

Creating a Powerful Landing Page

How do you build a landing page that will boost your sales?  How do you resuscitate a dying landing page that just can’t convert?  Read these 5 tips to find out! 1. Keep Your Off-Page Promises When someone reaches your … Read More…

Google’s New Search Innovations: Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph

Google is set to release a major change to the way their search engine yields results in the form of semantic search and Google Knowledge Graph. How will it affect you?

Canonical Link Introduction: Adding a Canonical Tag to Your Website

A canonical link is a nifty, fairly new way to communicate with search engine crawlers and direct them to the preferred pages of your website. In the past, if you happened to have dynamically-generated directories or pages that would cause … Read More…

The Big List of Bookmarklets

You may remember our previous post on bookmarklets. In that article, we discussed the basics of how a bookmarklet works and gave our readers a few samples to try out. If the word, “bookmarklet” doesn’t ring a bell, then we’ll … Read More…

Data Service Providers for Google Scam

Have you heard about the “data service providers for Google scam“? Recently, some marketing companies have been reaching out to what they hope will be unsuspecting businesses, claiming to be a data service provider for Google. If you’re “lucky” enough to receive … Read More…