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Matthew is a freelance writer with a keen interest in internet marketing, website design and SEO. A regular BBEX Marketing blog contributor, when Matthew isn't researching or writing about SEO, he's probably playing Rock Band with his son or surfing at the beach.

HTML Title Tags: The Most Important Onsite SEO Element

Multiple choice pop quiz! What’s the most important element of onsite SEO? Choose wrong, and you’ll be stuck on the fifth page of Google for all eternity.

Rich Snippets 101

Pop quiz!  What’s the best way to garner more visits to your site from search engines? Answer: Get ranked on the first page of Google.  This is common knowledge, however, so you haven’t quite earned your gold star for the … Read More…

Google Presents Its Link Disavow Tool. Do You Need It?

In an effort to give homegrown websites a chance Google rolled out the search engine algorithm known as Penguin in April of this year. The update resulted in a serious backlash for websites that were in a state of over-optimization. … Read More…

10 Ideas for Social Media Promotion

A comprehensive marketing strategy is crucial to the survival of any business and to stay relevant in the tech savvy market, social media promotion is critical. Businesses that neglect to include this vital component are losing countless potential customers. Many larger … Read More…

Content Theft: How to Check and Fix Duplicate Content

It happens all the time: An ambitious entrepreneur wants to setup a website in a hurry, and there just isn’t enough time to properly fill it up with unique, well-written content.  Quick!  What’s the fastest way to add content to a website? … Read More…