The Big List of Bookmarklets

bookmarkletsYou may remember our previous post on bookmarklets. In that article, we discussed the basics of how a bookmarklet works and gave our readers a few samples to try out. If the word, “bookmarklet” doesn’t ring a bell, then we’ll quickly recap for you.

A bookmarklet is a handy dandy line of code designed to streamline the sorts of tasks an SEO specialist or common web-user might perform on a daily basis. These shortcuts can be incorporated into your web browser’s bookmarks or favorites menu, so you can quickly access them whenever you please. Whether you’re looking to check out how many pages of a website have been indexed in Google on the fly, or you would like to remove the skewed personalized rankings Google annoyingly adds to your search results without hassle, bookmarklets can take care of tasks like these for you in an instant.

Because we’re so fond of bookmarklets, we thought we’d follow up our previous post with a sizable list of our favorites. Also, because it is the holiday season, we’re also including an extra treat at the end – just make sure you don’t check it out while you’re at work! If you’re not sure how to actually use bookmarklets, be sure and review our previous update on the subject for instructions.


Now for your present: a retro arcade game-style bookmarklet that allows you to pilot a ship and destroy innocent, unsuspecting web pages everywhere. If you’ve ever played Asteroids for the Atari, you’ll feel right at home hovering around, wrecking havok on the web. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you, “Kick Ass,” courtesy of Erik Rothoff Andersson.

Kick Ass

Now we can only hope that an intrepid Java developer will come along and create bookmarklets inspired by other Atari classics like Adventure or Yar’s Revenge.

Matthew Riddle

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