How to Do a Website Content Audit

The term, “content audit” sounds rather intimidating doesn’t it? After all, hearing that you have been chosen by the friendly folks over at the IRS would send shivers down your spine.

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Rel Canonical vs. Disallow

Rel Canonical: Why do you have a website? Generally, it’s because you want to share something with others. The nature of what you share is your business — it can be information, like in the case of a blog, or a product. If you have something you want to share with the world, you build a website.
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Social Highlights This Week

facebook iconIt’s been an eventful couple of weeks for social media with new apps like Hyperlapse taking the stage. Meanwhile, both SlideShare and Twitter social networks announced free analytics, previously only available to paying users. Here are some quick updates to keep you in the social loop. Continue reading

The Best Ways to Get Links for SEO

Smiling, happy backlinks for SEO.Since the beginning of Google, search engine optimization was pretty much all about getting links to your website with certain phrases as anchor texts. Get enough of them, and your rankings would rise to the 1st page for the terms you’re targeting.  Simple as pie.  These days, however, things are a bit harder.  If you utilize the common tricks for gaining links, Google may turn around and give your website a slap.  Still, links very much matter in the SEO equation, so how do you go about getting them without having to live in fear of Penguins?

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The Top 5 Google Updates that Changed SEO

The evolution of SEOSEO is always evolving.  Everyone knows this. It’s a statement that gets used almost as often as everyone’s favorite: “Content is King!”  Everyone also knows that Google is always evolving. In fact, there are hundreds of updates made to Google’s various algorithms each year.  You can be sure that at least a few of these updates have some impact on SEO.  However, there have been 5 changes in particular that have really changed the SEO game in a big way since 2011.  Read on to find out what they are.

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