Google Plus Stories

Google plus logoThe last post I wrote was extremely long, so here’s a post that’s short and sweet one derived from my own experience. Google Plus keeps surprising me left and right. Even though the feature I’ll be covering (Google Plus Stories) was announced in May, it’s still pretty uncharted.
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Back to Basics: Why Backlinks are still important?

What is a Backlink?

A Backlink is an HTTP link on one page that you can click through to move forward to another site. An example that should not influence anybody’s Page Rank is You are no doubt familiar where you will end up if you click that particular link. If you don’t, well, uhm….. you should seek a new dayjob.
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Is it Google My Business or Google Plus for Business?

If you have a Google Local page for your company, you might have recently received an email that Google Places for Business is now Google My Business.
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Google Plus Ripples

Google Plus Ripples is such a wicked feature compared to any other social platform you’ve been on. And it is completely free. Google Plus Ripples, according to Google, is an interactive graphic of public shares of any public post on Google+ to show the user how it has “rippled” through the network and help you discover new and interesting people to follow. The “share” option is pretty much the same on Facebook and on Google Plus, but G+ kicks it up a notch by showing you a visual diagram of what happened. This is particularly useful for business pages with a lot of activity on Google Plus that want to track exactly who shared what and the audience reached.
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"Now THAT is service!"
Adam S.

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Sue W., Ph.D., MBA
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