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Online Retail Marketing – Tips to Get More Sales

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Somerset Canyons High School SEO Presentation

Somerset High School SEO Presentation

Aimee Cook, a dynamic and results-oriented teacher from Somerset Canyons High School, recently invited BBEX Marketing to speak at her Business Entrepreneurial Program class on November 7th, 2014. BBEX Project Manager and President, Nate Aloni, gave insight on businesses within the tech industry and inspired students to think about their future in business technology within the SEO Presentation.
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"Now THAT is service!"
Adam S.

"I must say that I was extremely impressed with Nate's level of knowledge regarding online marketing. I had no idea the extensiveness of what BBEX could do to optimize our online searches and maximize our online marketing. Nate provided creative and thoughtful ideas for increasing traffic - ideas that I didn't know existed. He was professional, comprehensive and really took the time to explain everything in plain English."
Sue W., Ph.D., MBA
Executive Director