The Power of Social Media: Part 2

water is life

Last week we discussed the “Dove Real Beauty Campaign” and how social media has allowed Dove® to redefine beauty. Social media has been such an integral part of spreading awareness for just about any cause in existence.

Ten years ago, perhaps a tenth of the people who viewed videos, read articles, and participated in campaigns would have been able to do so because there was no way to quickly spread these campaigns to anyone and everyone with a computer.

This week, we’re highlighting Water Is Life’s video about the infamous First World Problems. Continue reading

The Power of Social Media: Part 1

dove sketches

Since the start of social media, we have seen many campaigns arise throughout the world. Notably, some are better than others. But the good ones are usually really good, and have a very positive impact on a large group of people. Through the use of video sharing and hashtags, the world has been able to utilize social media for awareness and global change. Continue reading

Office Furniture: How to Sell Successfully on the Internet

office furniture

Everybody uses office furniture, which means everybody buys office furniture. The question, however, is, why are they not buying from your website?

The internet is very much like the Yellow Pages, as it contains links to people and businesses. The only difference is that the internet is not organized alphabetically or in any other way. Everyone is free to write their name, in any format, on a slip of paper and throw it in the big electronic hat. Continue reading

Link Removal 101

Removing anchor text links for SEO recovery.If your rankings in Google aren’t what they used to be, it may be the result of unnatural backlinking.  While building backlinks to a website to boost its search engine rankings used to be a legit way to get ahead in SEO, Google now penalizes such tactics through manual penalties and/or Penguin algorithmic punishment.  Either way, one of the clear paths to recovery is to start removing those old links you’ve been building in order to get back into Google’s good graces.  Today we’re here to help you get started with link removal. Continue reading

Social Bookmarking for SEO

Social bookmarking for SEOWith sites like Reddit taking over the interwebs, social media bookmarking is all the rage these days.  The premise behind these sites is simple.  If you’ve found something cool on the net, share it with an online community, and everyone can discuss how great or terrible they think the content you’ve submitted happens to be.   Continue reading

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